Are you successfully delivering on your strategy with a high performing team and alignment across the organization?

You are a professional, hard-working, high performing leader.

You want both you and your organization to be even more successful, but you are not 100% sure how to go about doing it.

You can, at least partially, see the way forward but are caught up with the fire of the day.

You have built a good team and yet you still feel that you are holding the ball at least part of the time and you are tired of doing all the heavy lifting yourself.

You want your unique situation to be understood and you are tired of people giving you high-level answers, a few vague suggestions, cookie-cutter approaches, with no ideas how to actually implement the changes you need – so you are often left to solve the problem on your own.

You want to have more time to focus on the future.

You are willing to try new things, to take the necessary action, but you need practical solutions that will definitely make a difference.

Let me help you to successfully deliver on your organizational strategy with engaged, aligned and resilient people and teams.

Strategy Development & Implementation

• Strategy, culture and leadership for high performing organizations
• Strategic planning
Results Driven Strategy™
• Vision and goals setting

• Operational and tactical business planning
• Divisional and branch planning
• Current state assessments
• Business case development

Corporate Culture Transformation

• Corporate culture transformation
• Organizational culture development

• Organizational alignment and structuring
Organizational Effectiveness improvement

Leadership & People Development

• Leadership development
• Organizational change and transition planning
• Organizational design and structuring
• Strategic leadership mentoring
• Succession planning and management
• Executive coaching
• Team coaching

• Narrative 360’s
• Leadership Assessments
• Improving employee engagement
• Development a thinking and learning environment.
• Workplace resilience
• Coaching for results and performance

Organizational Transformation & Change Management

• Corporate transformation
• Functional reviews
• Operational reviews
• Change management.
• Business process improvement
• Process innovation

• Continuous improvement
• Business performance
• HR Development and Advisory services
• Lead and manage executive initiatives
   (temporary C-Suite roles)

Co-Creation, Facilitation & Collaborative Solutions

• In person facilitation
• Virtual workshops
• Leadership retreats
• Focus groups

• Team building
• Transforming meetings
• Stakeholder engagement
• Learning and development

Tools & Techniques

Human Synergistics:

⁃ LI -Leadership Impact
⁃ MI – Management Impact
⁃ GSI – Group Styles Inventory
⁃ LWS – Leadership Work Styles,
⁃ LSI – Lifestyles Inventory
⁃ OCI – Organizational Culture
⁃ OEI – Organizational Effectiveness Index

Cognitive Edge and Sensemaker

Master Corporate Executive Coach, MCEC, Association of Corporate Executive Coaches

Chartered Professional in Human Resources, CPHR

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